Cycling triumphs in Trento. Kirchmair and Simenc champions in the Granfondo World Championships
Great success for the UCI event
Trento awaits the Granfondo and Mediofondo showdowns
An exciting conclusion in the cards between the city and the Monte Bondone
The Gran Fondo Worlds’ Team Relay lights up the night in Trento
Day 2 keeps the festive atmosphere alive
Trento inspires with stories from the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
The show has started with the ITT
Over 2000 athletes enrolled in Trento's UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
From September 15th to 18th
  • Granfondo

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 143,8 km
    Elevation gain: 3900

  • Mediofondo

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 86,8 km
    Elevation gain: 2218

  • Time Trial

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 19,6 km
    Elevation gain: 150

  • Team Relay

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 2 (lap) km

In Trento chasing a rainbow dream
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