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The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships is an event with restricted television rights. Any accreditation request presented by video-makers and TV / Broadcast operators to produce video content for media features, for commercial use or for team promotion, will need direct approval by the UCI.

Please note the following policies for any non-filming media:

It is forbidden to film/record and broadcast moving images from UCI Gran Fondo World Championships (even if this is for just 10 sec. or less for sociaI media only), and to conduct video/audio interviews in the accredited area, with the intention to broadcast these on any linear radio or TV channel, website or any other non-linear media platform (audio&. video).

Thereby without any approval of the UCI, media representative during the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships media are not allowed to FILM:

• behind the scene
• training
• warmup
• interviews on the venue/ in the mixed zone
• flower/award ceremonies

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